Make Reed Diffusers with Perfumes

Make Reed Diffusers with Perfumes

Nothing could be better than choosing some of your favourite fragrances to make your house smell fresh and floral.

1. Find any clean glass bottle with a neck or re use your reed bottles from a previous shop purchase, minus the old reeds.

2. Find some Clean Rattan or Bamboo Sticks. ( I used bamboo skewers you can buy in packs at the supermarket ). Dont use old ones from previous use as these will also hold old scent in them.

3. Find some carrier oil. Massage oil and Baby oil can work well, Fractionated Coconut Oil is the ideal ‘carrier oil’.

4. Add 2/3 carrier oil and 1/3 of your chosen perfume (eau de parfum or parfum) to make 100ml. You can add more perfume if you find it is a light fragrance.

5. Gentle mix but not vigorously stir the mixture and add to your bottle with the Reeds added. 

Great way to use up old perfumes sitting around the only trick is to get the manufactures cap off the end or pump the perfume into a transfer container.

I have been using some of the spritzers and perfumes we sell on this website to add into my own at home, I have also used them to spray inside linen and towel cupboards... with all this spare time isolating its a good distraction and easy pleasing fun 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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